Watch out: Are you making these 5 interior design goof-ups?

Watch Out: Are You Making These 5 Interior Design Goof-Ups?

Have you ever walked into a home and felt like there was something off about the decor?

Nothing glaring mind you. It probably is just a series of little things that the person did wrong that has put the whole house out-of-whack.

We didn't want this to happen to you.

Which is why we thought we would bring to your attention the five most common interior design faux pas that you should avoid.

Let's start with the obvious one.

1. Getting it done all by yourself.

Do it yourself picture for Forzza Furniture blog

Now if you happen to be an interior designer or an artist of some sort then maybe this won't be a problem.

But most of us didn't grow up with an acute understanding of design, colour balance or knowledge of fabrics.

Sure, you could wing it, with the help of a couple of guides you found on the internet and a stack of home decor magazines from your local raddiwala.

But those ideas were tailored made to fit the dimensions and desires of the homeowners of those houses. It might not work for you.

Remember that gorgeous dress you borrowed from your best friend that you thought would look great on you, but didn't. Nuff said.

Our suggestion, do the decorating on your own but get a second opinion from an artist friend or a professional designer.

We promise you won't regret it.

2. Too much symmetry.

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Ok, so twin babies are cute. There is no denying that. But twin pieces of furniture, lamps, candlesticks, not so much.

The trouble with buying a matching pair is that unless there is a reason for them to be identical - take dining plates, for example, too much symmetry makes a room feel contrived and tiresome.

Mind you the opposite is true as well. A room filled with pieces that are entirely different from each other and bear no similarities in design or colour tend to make a place look a bit hodgepodge.

3. Poor Lighting.

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To be clear, we are huge fans of natural light brightening up a room.

Things start to go a bit awry once the sun sets and you need to light up a room using artificial means.

Either the room turns out too dark, like the set of a low budget horror flick or too bright and flat because you got a good deal on LED tube lights.  

The trick is to get the balance right. When it comes to lighting, instead of illumination, think mood.

Good lighting must show off your living spaces in the best erm, light. Use lamps and light fixtures to dramatise your walls and furniture and accent artwork or decorations.

Use recessed lighting to light up common areas and up-lightening to sufficiently light up busy working areas like your kitchen.

Pick your light fixtures according to the style you are trying to create — a casual, laid-back style in conversational areas of your home, like your living room or a more formal manner in the dining room for instance.

Just remember, lighting goes a long way in making people feel at home in your home.

4. Going overboard with themes.

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So let's be honest, this isn't a huge concern any more. Themed decor has gone the way of the dinosaurs for a few decades now. 

But the reason it still gets a mention here is that once in a while, we do see it rear up its ugly head.

Let's say you recently made a trip to Rajasthan or honeymooned in Bali and now want to recreate those great memories within the walls of your home.

That's fantastic, all we are saying is in this regard, less is more.

Classy decorative pieces having an Asian influence will go much further than if you decide to go with a beach motif for your curtains or invest in sand coloured sofa fabric.

The goal here is to capture the memory in a handful of pieces that you can use as props in the retelling of your memorable trip.

Keep the themed rooms for your young kids and hope that they want to be a pirate or a princess for a year at least.

5. Furniture that doesn't quite fit.

In recent years, we have noticed that houses seem to be getting smaller while the furniture we put in them keeps getting larger. 

This disproportion either leaves you with rooms that look overcrowded with large pieces squashed together or spartan because you could only manage to fit in a few pieces.

The workaround? Get yourself a professional designer to plot out the space you are looking to redecorate. They will help you choose furniture that won't choke each other out.

You can still add on your personal touch with the fabric and furnishings you choose.

To wrap things up.

Avoid these five glaring goof-ups, and you can rest easy that your home is in better shape than most. Ciao!