Your safe heaven. Tips to design your bedroom.

A bedroom should be a sanctuary where you can be your true self . This is the space where you can express your favourite colours, moods and collections. Here are some tips where you can transform your bedroom into a beautiful, functional and pleasurable escape.

Keep the Bedroom Simple

Keeping the size of the room in mind chose the bed carefully. Decide whether you want a king or queen bed. Always remember to keep a distance of minimum 3 feet between the bed and the side walls or large pieces of furniture like chests of drawers and dressers to facilitate easy movement. 
Do not clutter your room with furniture, keep it minimal. A bed, a bedside table or two, a chest and a dresser and a chair should suffice. If you do not have a separate closet space you would need to plan a well organised closet against one wall. 

The Colour Pallete 

Keep the colour pallete in neutrals, work around a restful pallet of monochromatic tones. You could accessorize with a painting or photograph in a brighter colour. Indulge in luxurious linen , ensure sheets are pure cotton. The Bed cover could be in a luxurious fabric and colour co ordinate with the colour on your art work . You can add a comfortable throw on the arm chair and also throw in a rug or carpet to complete the look.

Choosing the right Mattress

Do research the kind of mattress most suitable for your needs. In case of orthopaedic issues a harder mattress is advisable. There are various types of mattresses available to chose from. You could chose from memory foam or various densities of foam . A good set of comfortable pillows will go a long way to get you a perfect nights rest.

Plan your Furniture

Do start out with a floor plan and a measured drawing of the space. Do not chose heavy and large furniture for a small space. Likewise for a large room you could add a bed bench at the end of the bed or a small couch with a small coffee table to fill up the space.

Organise your Bedroom

To keep the bedroom relaxed and peaceful, declutter and organise your belongings in well though through storage units .
Chose a roomy bedside table with storage or a drawer to keep some night time essentials. You could opt for a storage bench or nice trunk to store your extra linen and pillows. A headboard with storage is always handy too. A nicely designed wardrobe is a must to keep the clutter out.

Window Dressing

Spend some time in your room and decide how much light you want. This will help you decide if you want black out thicker curtains or lighter coloured curtains. You could also chose from various options of window dressings like blinds or curtains. 
Do try and keep your television, cell phone, computer , excercise machine out of the bedroom. 
Create a cherished place to relax and rejuvenate.