Easy Home Decor Ideas

Create some Drama on your Front Door

First impressions are lasting. To create a WOW factor you could consider painting the front door a colour. Red is considered lucky in many cultures, and is also bold and dramatic . Another option could be a cool grayish blue for a front door, this complements warm neutrals of a home . A cheerful yellow would brighten up your space or you could also consider a bold yet elegant Inky black to make a strong statement.

Color Palette for your Home

Neutral colours in beige , cream , grey can never go wrong. This colour pallet gives you flexibility to decorate your home with brighter colour pictures, photographs, art works and home accessories. Lighter colours will also make the space look larger. You could also consider painting one wall a different colour to break the monotony and create some drama. For a more subdued and neutral look you could consider painting the focus wall a dark grey or olive.  If you prefer a bolder look go for aqua blue, sunny yellow or a vibrant orange.


Arranging your living room furniture 

The living room is the heart of your home. This is where you entertain, spend quality time with family or just lounge and relax. Do give some thought to arrange your seating. Ensure that furniture is arranged in groups which encourages conversations.

You could consider arranging a three seater sofa  with two arm chairs across it and a coffee table i the centre.  It is advisable to leave some space between the wall and the furniture. This makes the place look larger. The coffee table and side tables could be used to place interesting books, candle stands, photographs.  This would bring warmth to your home


Dramatic Mirrors 


Mirrors can visually enlarge and brighten up a space. However keep in mind that you do not place a mirror across a window, they should be placed perpendicular to a window.  Having mirrors across the window will throw the light back. You could chose from dramatic frames in bold colours, or frames in subtle metal or rich wood tones. This would add a lot of character and brighten up your home 


Add Colour to the floors 

Rugs and carpets on the floor would bring in the much needed warmth to make your house a home. One tip is to keep in mind the correct size of the carpet for your room. In the living room you could place a large carpet which could be placed under the sofa legs , arm chairs and coffee table. Placing a very small carpet would make it look disproportionate . You could chose between neutral shades or brighter hues for your carpet. You could consider using Dhurries, these are light, easy to move and easier to maintain. Carpets and rugs give a luxurious feel to the space.


Easy Home Decor Ideas

Declutter and re-organise  your Home

Spend some time on de cluttering the excess stuff you have accumulated over the years. There will be many things which you have never used and probably don’t need, you could consider giving them away, selling them and making some extra cash. This would definitely make you feel lighter and the space would seem to have more positive energy. You could de clutter your book shelf and re organise the books both vertically and horizontally and interspace the bookshelf with curios and photo frames .