6 Essential Bachelor Pad Furniture To Buy On A Budget

The day is finally here. You have stepped out of the nest your parents have so comfortably feathered all these years and gotten a place of your own. Now you could throw a mattress on the floor and scatter a few bean bags around, but we know you are better than that.

You want a bachelor pad that will be all the rage, but you also don’t want to break the bank.

We understand, which is why we have put together this list of six must-have pieces of furniture that won't cost an arm and a leg. Think of it as a starting point to scale up the cool quotient of your house when friends come calling.  

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1. Couch Karma

Like we said earlier bean bags aren’t going to cut it. You want a couch for your living room, big enough to accommodate your friends when they come home and comfy enough, so it doubles up as a bed for that overly indulgent friend who needs to sleep it off.

But before you head out and buy one, here are a few things to consider so you get one that fits right.

  1. Measure the space in your living room and mark out where you are going to put your couch. You can do this with a pencil or tape.
  2. See how your couch fits in relation to everything else. Ensure that you keep enough wiggle room around it, so your friends don’t need to squeeze through small spaces to get to it.
  3. Stick with dark neutral colours for the upholstery as they are easy to pair with and maintain.
  4. Finally, don’t forget to measure the width of your main door since you need to be sure you can get your couch through it.

    We think this Black Mimosa Three-Seater Sofa cum Bed ticks all the boxes and looks smashing while doing it.

    Black Mimosa Three-Seater Sofa cum Bed from Forzza Furniture

    2. Recline and Relax

    Let everyone else battle it out for a place on the couch; the Recliner is yours and yours alone. The recliner is a perfect companion after a long tiring day when all you want to do is sit back and relax.

    • Make sure to check if there is a warranty on its reclining and rocking chair mechanism so you can get it replaced without any fuss should something go wrong.
    • Also, be sure to measure it both in the upright and reclined position when sizing it up for the room you want to place it in.
    • In terms of fabrics, synthetic and leather tend to be more durable and hold up better to constant wear and tear. They are also easier to maintain and clean should you spill your drink during a match or decide to eat all your meals from its cushy confines.

    The Jordan Single Seater Recliner is our choice to rest your weary self after a long and trying week.

    Black Jordan Single Seater Recliner

    3. For More Than Coffee

    You may think a Coffee Table is a bit indulgent and impractical in the confines of a small apartment, but we beg to differ. While it can be used to rest your coffee mug, this little piece of furniture is quite versatile. In the absence of a footstool, it is a great place to prop your feet up. Also, if you plan to spend most of your nights in front of the television, it works as an adequate replacement for a dining table and takes up much less space.  

    • If that’s how you plan to utilise it, you should get one that is at the same height as your couch. 
    • Also, since it tends to become the centrepiece of any room you place it in, you want to make sure its style complements the rest of the room.
    • While glass tops are more elegant to look at you should also keep in mind that they will quickly become fingerprint magnets and need frequent cleaning.

    The Trinity Extendable Coffee Table is a clever buy as it works well for one or when you are expecting company over.

    4. Perfect for Sleeping on and Sleeping In

    Since you spend one-third of your life on it, it makes sense to give more than just a passing thought to your bed frame. If space is not an issue, feel free to sleep like a king, but otherwise, a queen size bed frame should do as nicely.  

    • Ensure that the wood used for the frame is durable and treated against all sorts of pests.
    • Also, make sure the plywood used on the inside is sturdy, and the bed frame offers some storage space. 
    • When it comes to mattresses, there is no substitute for going to a showroom and trying one out. Also, make sure it fits snugly within the dimensions of your frame.
    • If you tend to shift your home often, definitely consider an adjustable metal bed frame that can be dismantled and assembled with relative ease. But if you are staying put for a while, a wooden frame is a better solution.

    Our bedframe of choice when it comes time to rest our weary heads is this beautiful Jasper Queen size bed made of engineered wood and leatherette upholstery.

    Jasper Queen Size Bed from Forzza Furniture


    5. When It Comes To Storage, Don’t Settle

    In terms of priority, we know a dresser isn’t the first piece of furniture that goes on a shopping list, but it is still an important one. After all, it comes in handy when you need to hang up your work, and party wear not to mention a quick fix when you want to get rid of all the clothes lying around on the floor when people drop in unexpectedly.

    • Buy your dresser keeping in mind the kind of dresser you are. If you make do with just shirts, pants and t-shirts then a wardrobe with regular shelf space might suffice. However, if business suits are more your style, then you might need larger storage. 
    • Pick the style of your wardrobe to match the style of your bachelor pad bedroom. You don’t want a heavy wooden dresser if all the other furniture is light and modern.

    Black Oxford 3-Door Wardrobe from Forzza Furniture

    If we had to pick, we would select this Black Oxford 3-Door Wardrobe made from Talisa Oak. Click here.


    6. Give Your Lap A Rest

    Chances are it will be a while before you invest in a home entertainment system or even a big-screen TV. For now, your laptop is your go-to gadget for late night viewing and weekend binge sessions.

    If you are going to be spending so much time on it, you better make sure you have someplace comfortable to put it. In place of a proper computer desk, a portable laptop table gets the job done nicely. Besides being small and light enough to carry anywhere in the house or even outside, a laptop table doesn’t strain your back, and neck like a coffee table would. Plus it allows you the flexibility to get work done in bed if that is your thing.

    We have a whole range of laptop tables on offer, but if we had to pick one, the Zoey Laptop Table would be our pick. 

    Blue Zoey Laptop Table from Forzza Furniture

    We hope we have been helpful in providing you with the all the information you require to make informed decisions while setting up your dream bachelor pad. Happy Shopping!