Smart and Affordable Ways to Maximise Space in your Home

Smart and Affordable Ways to Maximise Space in Your Home

In India, whether you live in a large city or small town, there is one constant that every homeowner can attest to and that is there never seems to be enough space at home. If it has started to feel like the walls are closing in, fret not. Here are a few tried and tested ways to maximise the space in your home that are both easy to pull off as well as easy on the wallet.

We have listed them and also included what we think are smart furniture choices to make the most of your living space no matter how tiny it may seem.

White open spaces

Probably the only time you will hear us asking you not to add colour to your life. White walls and white flooring automatically gives the illusion of more space and tends to push out a room. Slap on a coat of white paint and watch even the most stuffy room feel a little less cramped and a lot brighter. But if white doesn’t work for you, here are a few more colours that work equally well.

More than meets the eye

A great way to make the most of your space is to buy functional furniture that delivers more bang for your buck, like this Vernon Sofa cum Bed, which unfolds its seat to form a bed. A stylish and practical piece that is a great space saver and converts your living room into another bedroom at the end of a day.

Black Vernon 3-Seater Sofa cum Bed from Forzza Furniture

Things looking up

Another little cheat you can make use of is to hang your picture frames or family photographs as close to the ceiling as aesthetically possible. This particular tip works wonders if you have a room with a low ceiling as it gives the illusion that the roof is much higher up.

It's starting to come together

In our opinion, the humble nesting table is like a politician that keeps its promises. A perfect alternative to the coffee table in a living room, a nesting table works equally well in your study or bedroom. Compact and versatile, they are great for stacking magazines, eating dinner or propping your feet up after a long day, and if a bunch of friends happen to come by they spring open to accommodate them as well. We are in love with these delightful Oak Chase Set of 3 Nesting Tables.

Oldest trick in the book

Mirrors have been an old favourite of magicians to create the illusion of space by reflecting light and adding depth to a room. Much more than a tool to check our appearances, mirrors if placed well can create optical illusions that can extend the length of rooms and widen even the most cramped nooks in a home. Also, you don’t need to limit yourself to just one. Mirrors are one accessory that works well in pairs. Here are some great ways you can use mirrors.

Twice the functionality at the same price

With our mobile phones playing multiple roles in our life, it’s no wonder that we have come to expect the same from our furniture. As we should, especially when space is at a premium. When looking out for a new piece of furniture always go with the one that works harder.

Take Princeton Sofa cum Bed, for instance; it comes inbuilt with much-need storage space under its seats, perfect for packing away winter wear during the hot summer months or expensive soft furnishings that only gets taken out for when guests come over. The ideal solution when you are trying to optimise the space in your home.

Grey Princeton Sofa cum Bed with Storage from Forzza Furniture

Stairway to space

If your house is a duplex or has more than one floor to it, then you have the unique opportunity to transform the often underutilised space under your staircase. With little creative thinking, this cubby hole has a host of uses and can even function as a valuable addition to your home. For innovative ideas on how to pull this off, check out some of these converted staircase spaces.


More than just a means of storage, wall-mounted shelves have a host of uses starting from displaying your porcelain doll decorations to holding your collection of Harry Potter novels. Quick and easy to set up, wall-mounted shelves are versatile and fit comfortably in any room they are installed in. An excellent accessory for any small home, we particularly like the Plaza Vertical Wall Shelf for its modern design and slimming symmetry.


If you are looking out for similar pieces of furniture as the ones mentioned here, visit We are sure you will find other great options to make your home even more spacious than it is.