Interior Design tips handed down by our Moms

Interior Design Tips Handed Down By Our Moms

Whether they had a full-time career or were homemakers, our moms played a large part in converting the houses we grew up in into homes that were comfortable, warm and welcoming. Even today we associate going home with clean, comfortable surroundings, freshly pressed sheets, and fragrant scents. So it comes as no surprise then that our mom largely influences our sense of interior design.

As such, we decided to put all of their combined wisdom in one place, so whether you were looking at decorating your brand new bachelor pad or looking to do up your two bedroom apartment, this list of must-keep-in-mind interior design tips will come in handy.

  1. Inject some colour into your home

White is great if you are planning on giving the waiting room of your neighbourhood clinic a fresh coat of paint, but not if you are looking to decorate your living room. Don’t be afraid to embrace the many shades of the rainbow when deciding on your colour scheme.

I’m sure we all remember our moms mixing and matching colours when deciding on everything from curtains to upholstery, till they stumbled on a combination that worked. Combinations, particularly contrasting ones work best and will add a new dimension to your home.

Take a look at some of these new colour combinations for 2018. We particularly love turquoise + marigold, hot pink + mint green, purple + bright yellow and peach + black.

What is your favourite?

2. Be unique by being you

Whether you’re a minimalist, or you really like tassels, or you think upholstering your sofas in bright jungle prints is the way to go. If you are honest about your tastes and truly in love with the furnishing choices you have made it will shine through.

Don’t decorate your house with the latest trends if it doesn’t appeal to you. Our mothers all added their personal touch to their homes, no matter how eccentric or loud we might have thought it looked at the time. It was what made our home, home. So follow your instinct and go bold.

3. Make your home scent-sational

I am sure you must be wondering what scent has to do with interior design. The fact of the matter is that scents play a big role in the appeal a place has to us. We associate smells with feelings of comfort, safety and happiness. Whether it is the incense that our mums used to light for morning prayer or the smell of fresh linen sheets. Scents adds atmosphere to a room and strengthens our memory of it.

Decorate your home with scents by adding fresh flowers to your home, or if you don’t want plants indoors, potpourri and scented candles work just as well. Here are a few natural ways to make your home smell great.


4. Let your home tell a story

Maybe you’re a seasoned traveller who has collected bits and bobs on his journeys to distant lands, or you have ancient heirlooms, and antiques passed down generation to generation each with a story attached. Or maybe you have carefully selected pieces of furniture or fabric to represent a present moment in your life. Whichever way you are leaning, the idea is to get your home to tell a story.

We all remember our moms tell us about certain things around the house that had great sentimental value and left their mark on the decor. Whether its a collection of fridge magnets from around the world to the grandfather clock in the hallway or the antique chest of drawers left to you by a distant relative, let them all be inspirations for the stories you will tell.


5. Plan the whole room in advance

If there is one thing, mothers are famous for, it’s planning. Which is why their homes always look like they just came together overnight. The reality is that they were the result of months of planning and searching for the right pieces of furniture, rugs, curtains and fabric, so they all complemented each other.

When planning to decorate your home, start with the big things first, the walls, ceiling and floor. Figure out the colour combinations you want to use because you will have to match the rest of the furniture to it. There is a benefit in doing a recce of the furniture and home decor stores in your vicinity before committing to a colour palette.

Also, when buying rugs, paintings, lamps and other accessories don’t think piecemeal. Always remind yourself of the big picture you are trying to achieve for every room, and your home won’t look like a garage sale.


As a parting thought, let me share with you some motherly advice. When it comes to home decor, you aren’t going to be doing it often, so take the time to do it right. Don’t rush. Enjoy the process of finding the right pieces of the puzzle that fit together perfectly, all the while making sure that your personality shines through. And if you ever need a second opinion, you can always ask your mum.