5 best buys if you are looking for a new place to rest your head

It’s time to finally put to bed (excuse the pun) the age-old question, “Which is more important, the mattress or the bed frame?” The answer is they both are. You may decide to splurge on an extra cool, orthopaedic, sleep-promoting, responsive memory foam mattress that remembers where you slept last night. But it’s not going to contribute much to your good night’s rest if you place it on a rickety old bed frame with dodgy plywood or springs that have sprung.

Regardless of whether you are in the market for a king size or queen size bed, we have rounded up five of our best that should meet your every requirement - design, comfort, sturdiness and price.

1. Dark Brown Angela Bed (with storage)

Dark Brown Angela with Storage

With clean lines and a simplistic design, the Angela bed plays well with even the most eclectic of home decors. Its neutral black faux leatherette upholstery set within rich grains of engineered wood will effortlessly complement the style of your bedroom. Its padded headboard offers extra comfort when you want to lean back and read before bed. It even comes equipped with a four-foot, pull-out storage drawer on the front. Buy a six-inch mattress of your choice for the frame and accentuate this bed frame further with some bright bedding and wall art to add atmosphere to your bedroom. Click here to buy.

2. Grey Melinda Bed (with storage)

Grey Melinda Bed with storage

Elegant and eye-catching, this stunning upholstered platform bed is a perfect addition to any bedroom. The elegant tufting on the winged bed design is quite flattering. The Melinda bed creates a cosy backdrop for your bedding and pillows. This vintage styled bed will accentuate any space. Click here to buy

3. Jasper Bed

Jasper Bed King Size Queen Size from Forzza Furniture

Stylize your bedroom with this ergonomically sound and stylish bed. Use it with a minimum six-inch coir/spring/memory-foam mattress for a cosy retreat. Pair your bed with crisp sheets and bright bed linen for a stylized look. Store your personal memorabilia in the handy headboard storage provided. This classic design will accentuate any bedroom. You can also add a bright wall art and co-ordinate a rug to give your room a warm, cosy feel. Click here to buy

4. Dark Brown Walter Bed

Dark Brown Walter Bed

The Walter Bed sports a plush leatherette headboard that is perfect for sitting in bed and reading or binging on your favourite sitcom. The Dark brown finish adds warm tones to your bedroom giving it a comfortable and welcoming effect. Available in both king and queen size, the Walter adds a touch of class to any bedroom. Click here to buy.

5. Maria Metal Double Decker Bunk Bed


Suitable for both boys and girls, the Maria Double Decker Bunk Bed is made from Mild steel and has a very sturdy, simple and timeless design that takes us back to the Enid Blyton novels we grew up reading. It’s bright red, yellow and blue colour combination livens up any room and is a favourite with children. The Maria Double Decker comes equipped with a metal guard for the top bunk so you can rest easy that your children will be safe as they sleep. It’s two rung metal ladder provides quick and easy access to the upper bunk and is made of the same material as the base. All in all, the Maria Double Decker Bunk Bed is a great space-saving solution that your kids will be crazy about. 

So regardless of whether you are searching for a smart design for your next bed or looking for a storage hack, you should give the beds listed here a personal once-over before making your final decision.

If you want more information about these beds, or would like to view a broader range then visit us at www.forzzafurniture.in or reach out to us at 8050078189 and we will schedule a visit for you at our nearest showroom.